Finding a Flat in Germany

Finding temporary accommodations in Germany is never an easy task. Usually the best bet is asking around to people you already know who may have connections or friends who have an extra room to let. If you are only staying a few months you should be looking for temporary subleases (Zwischenmietes).

You may want to consider booking something through AirBNB or a hostel for the first few weeks, so you have a roof over your head if you haven’t managed to secure something before arriving.

If you are planning to take a language course while you are there (i.e. Goethe Institut, Herder Institut, etc.) you can usually find a host family through such organizations. You pay a bit of a premium, but it will likely save you time and money in the long run.

The DAAD has published a small article on “Finding a Flat” (in English) which may help you understand some of your options as well as this blogger who has posted “Survival Guides: How to Find a WG-Zimmer” which also gives some MUST-READ tips.

Also useful is this “German Apartment Glossary” to help you understand the terminology when hunting for an apartment or WG.

Below are a few links that may be useful in your search.

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